• Competences


    TückingPM specialises in interim management, consulting and projects in human resources management.

We work in human resources management on both a local and international scale. Our 25+ years of experience in disparate cultural environments enables us to cope responsively with national mindsets and cultural idiosyncrasies. Knowledge of the specific circumstances on the spot means processes can be progressed with maximised efficacy.

What we can do for your company

  • Interim management in human resources
  • Developing, setting up, realigning and reorganising your human resources organisation
  • Setting up and integrating local facilities in multinational organisations
  • Upgrading human resources management in preparation for internationalisation
  • Post-merger integration
  • Conceiving and carrying out organisational development measures
  • Planning, organising and implementing restructuring measures
  • Developing, organising and implementing change management processes
  • Handling human resources projects
  • Conceiving and organising workshops
  • Sparring partner for senior management
  • Coaching for managerial staff in human resources management
  • Developing and implementing performance management systems and processes
  • How we work

    We liaise closely with the company’s senior management from initial consultancy, then actual planning, all the way through to final implementation. We see our role here as part of your team. We thus gain the requisite insights into both your corporate culture and the specific circumstances involved. This approach, coupled with an objective viewpoint and the action options of an outside specialist, is harnessed to a single overriding goal:

    A responsively practicable, effective and sustainable result.
  • Your benefits

    You tap into our expert knowledge as actually needed – specifically for your particular project or interim management mandate concerned, and thus profit from plannability and cost-efficiency.