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    References for TückingPM, Martina Tücking – Interim Manager for Human Resources Management.

As a service provider in the field of human resources management, we operate in a sensitive business environment, one in which confidentiality and discretion are indispensable. To protect our clients, we accordingly refrain from publishing a reference list. References for interim management mandates and human resources projects can be provided on an individual basis following prior consultation.

You will find below some feedback regarding what it was like to work with us:

Markus HaasisVP HR North-Europe & Americas (Germany)

Martina’s contribution to the company as interim HR Manager Germany brought significant value adding results to our organization. Within a short period of time she was pro-actively driving key HR initiatives with a well balanced mix of practicability, sustainability, legal compliance, cost awareness and cultural suitability. Her list of achievements ranged widely from operational talent sourcing, performance management, conception of complex company agreements and more. With her structured and autonomous working style, her strong HR expertise as well as her high integrity and engagement she quickly became an respected sparring partner to the management team. Last but not least it was her indisputable trustworthiness and sense of empathy why I can fully recommend working with her.

Michael VössingManaging Director (Germany)

Ms Tücking supported us during the negotiation of IT works agreements, among other things relating to the introduction of Office 365. She headed the negotiating team on the employer side, conducting the difficult negotiations speedily and successfully in the interests of the company in cooperative and trust-based collaboration with the works council, thereby demonstrating a high level of professional and social skills. We enjoyed a special and successful working relationship and I can recommend Ms Tücking without hesitation.

Ilka EvenkampExecutive Management (Germany)

Following a reorganisation of responsibilities, Ms Tücking advised us to define and question the processes and organisational structures in our human resources department as well as the interfaces to other departments and to map them in a way that is transparent and comprehensible for all staff involved. In addition to individual discussions, she mapped and communicated this in particular in several workshops. Ms Tücking considered the individual person, but still as part of the organisation, and also supported personal development where necessary. She understood how to place thought-provoking impulses in a targeted manner and showed the right amount of sensitivity.

Claudio PasseriniManaging Director (Germany)

Martina Tücking successfully supported us as the Interim Manager for HR in the critical post acquisition phase of a new company. Thanks to the deep experience in international organization, she was an excellent business partner and advisor on several projects. She supported us in the first steps of a complex carve-out of the HR function from a service provider, designing the organization of the department, defining standards for contracts and bonus schemes, participating in the recruiting process of key people of our team. She definitely has create value to our organization and I would strongly recommend her for critical and complex projects in HR and Organization.

Emma PughHuman Resources Director - EU Operations (United Kingdom)

Martina worked within our European HR Function as an Interim Human Resources Director at our German manufacturing plant. Martina built relationships and credibility quickly both within the HR Team and the wider manufacturing division. Martina challenges the status quo, cuts through barriers, clarifies understanding and delivers. A true Interim professional, she is honest and totally trustworthy with a strong sense of what is right and a great sense of humor. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Mark WardDivisional Managing Director (United Kingdom)

Having worked with Martina, as the German manufacturing site’s Interim Human Resources Director for 11 months, I have come to respect her ‘can-do’ attitude. If I asked for something to be looked at I knew it would be done thoroughly, on time and to an excellent standard. I would happily recommend Martina to support businesses with strategic and change projects regarding people management, leadership development and people process improvements.

Martin MeierChief Human Resources Officer (Switzerland)

Ms Tücking reorganised our human resources operation in Germany with an empathetic but decisive, solution-driven approach. She was directly involved in the talks and negotiations with the Employees’ Council, and played a crucial role in calming and improving relations with the Employees’ Council. At all times, Ms Tücking came across as highly competent and goal-focused. With her empathetic, responsively receptive personality, she was very quickly able to get the various interest groups on board for her concerns and to successfully address and resolve the ongoing HR issues.

Sarah MillingtonManaging Director (Germany)

Martina joined us as Interim HR Manager in a post-divestment phase when we were setting up our business from scratch. From an HR perspective this encompassed everything from payroll to Works Council discussions to recruitment and everything in between. Martina’s extreme professionalism, her breadth of experience and her cool head were just what we needed. She helped us to get on our feet and to get the basics running smoothly as a firm foundation on which to build and develop our HR department. Her no-nonsense approach coupled with her friendly manner helped her to fit in very quickly with our team and to tackle the tasks in hand. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Julie SmithEMEA Human Resources Director (United Kingdom)

Martina joined us on an interim basis to help drive through change in our ways of working, partnering with the senior management team to challenge them to improve engagement within the business locally. She also supported different business managers in reviewing their organisation structures, to optimise resources and roles in line with delivering to meet our goals. This included coaching managers to consider their priorities and working with them to help them gain Works Council support. I highly recommend Martina, not least for her excellent understanding of different cultures, which is essential in our global environment and gaining commitment from a mixed nationality team.

Markus KotzurHuman Resources Manager GALP (Germany)

Martina is a very experienced business professional, being positive and solution minded. Due to her profound HR know-how and her huge experience in international organizations she was able to work successfully in our quite complex and challenging environment and to solve any difficult situation. I really appreciated Martina supporting me and I would be very happy to work with her again in the future.

Detlev MoritzManaging Director (Germany)

Ms Tücking supported us as we evolved from a small autonomous mid-tier company into the headquarters of an internationally operating enterprise. This support related to the establishment of a higher-order organisation and to putting in place a globally viable HR structure. For this purpose, in collaborative conjunction with our local HR management, she defined the requisite processes and after analysing the as-is situation took specific action for upgrading and improving the existing HR management. Thanks to her professional expertise and experience, we succeeded in putting together a highly capable HR team, and laying the foundations for successful cooperation on a cross-border basis. We thank her most sincerely for her extensive and helpful input and have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

Dr. Uwe SchmidCEO (Germany)

I have been impressed with Martina’s energy and professionalism throughout the complete period of time when she worked as an interim HR manager for us. She brings in a plethora of experience and combines it with a “hands-on” attitude, which is important for mid-sized companies as ours. Martina does not shy away from difficult situations or discussions with employees, giving direct feedback if needed. As a CEO it is important that she summarizes her findings and recommendations in a clear manner, thus enabling management to make the right decisions.

Kathrin WernerDepartment Manager Human Resources (Germany)

Ms Tücking successfully supported our company within the context of a coaching project in a back office business unit. Through various workshops and individual meetings with the persons involved, she contributed towards resolving an ongoing conflict inside the unit, and between its manager and his staff. Essentially, she helped the people concerned to redefine the distribution of their remits and the processes being used, but also to employ a more objective approach to mutual expectation mindsets. We found Ms Tücking to be a highly objective and trustworthy individual, whose empathetic and goal-achieving personality understands how to steer coaching processes and encourage the participants to formulate viable solutions on their own. Our shared project benefited significantly from her extensive experience in human resources work and in general management.

Mirjam DikkenCorporate Human Resources Director (Netherlands)

Martina has been with us for 8 months as Interim HR Manager Central Europe. She is a solid, capable and pleasant HR professional, who quickly understood the challenges we were facing, both in HR as in general. She has brought a lot of knowledge to our organization, and made sure several important processes were done in a correct and professional manner. These ranged from communicating on HR key performance indicators related to the privacy laws in Germany, to restructuring procedures as well as recruitment and contractual issues. She also coached some of our operational managers to help them understand how to better deal with their employees, and how to execute their HR related tasks. It was a real pleasure to work with Martina!

Micha SöntgerathRegional Director Central Europe (Germany)

Due to Martina’s experience in all facets belonging to HR she has been for me the perfect business partner. Basically she had the lead in the reorganization of our HR department in Central Europe. After this first major task we have been enabled to restructure and reorganize the company with assistance of Martina. We pulled through a professionally managed restructuring program, which has been well accepted by the works council and contributed the future of our company. Thanks to the right procedures and processes, which have been implemented by Martina, we are well positioned to see the future with trust and confidence. I want to thank Martina for this great effort and can recommend her way of working to everyone.

David KerrPresident Europe (Germany)

Martina Tücking worked with us in Germany as the Interim Manager for HR and brought with her the much needed structure and professional approach that helped build an excellent foundation for the HR department. She was instrumental in educating the international HR group within the company on doing business in Germany and facilitated understanding of all essential employment related legal matters. We are now able to continue to offer a professional and consistent HR service to our staff thanks to Martina’s work.

Louwrens DijkstraCEO (Netherlands)

Martina works in a very productive and effective way. Her approach is direct where possible and diplomatic where needed. She is a high level HR Director with a good sense for cultural differences in an international environment and brings all the relevant experience to the table. During her time she completed a number of international recruitments at first and second management level and introduced several major HR-projects and ran the workshops on Corporate Values. She has been a significant asset to our company and I can recommend her for your service.

Larry MillerVice President Human Resources (USA)

We selected Martina because she is passionate about the importance of HR excellence to business success. She brings extensive experience, energy and tenacity to her work. We also were impressed with her pan-European experience and experience working with employees from various levels and multiple cultures.

Philippe FerraguManaging Director (Germany)

I respect Ms Tücking as a responsive und dynamic personality, who tackles her remits with solution-driven commitment. She is always respectful and motivating in her dealings with people. She is convinced that people are a company’s most important factor for corporate success. For her colleagues from senior management, she was always a positive challenge, since she invariably prepares her contribution with great professionalism and possesses the requisite ability to get things done.

Erwin RengersHR Director Continental Europe & Russia (Netherlands)

Martina has a clear vision about people and organisations. She knows how to get the best out of them. She is a People Management professional with the right management skills and knows how to manage effectively in a demanding international matrix environment. Martina delivers high levels of performance and quality. She is customer focussed and passionate about delivering service excellence. She takes responsibility for issues that are raised and see them through. Her work ethic is excellent. She treats others with dignity and respect. In short – Martina is a top-professional and next to that a very pleasant person to work with!