• Projects


    Projects and interim management mandates of TückingPM – setting up, realigning and reorganising human resources management.

You will find below a selection of human resources projects and interim management mandates we have carried out.

Human Resources Projects

  • Developing and setting up/realigning and reorganising (German/European/global) human resources management
  • Developing and professionalising human resources management for further international growth and setting up new companies abroad
  • Adapting and implementing global human resources guidelines for the local organisation
  • Planning and implementing reorganisation of the development department
  • Conceiving and supporting the change management process throughout the company
  • Planning and implementing the restructuring programme throughout the company
  • Developing and negotiating works council agreements
  • Developing action plans and conducting workshops within the context of a staff survey
  • Developing and implementing corporate values for the global organisation/implementing global corporate values in the national organisation
  • Developing and implementing the bonus system for (global) senior management
  • Setting up and implementing the performance review and development system for (global) senior management
  • Conducting team development workshops
  • Outsourcing payroll accounting/changing over payroll accounting to a new IT system
  • Coaching des Human Resources Managers

Interim Management Mandates

Interim Manager Human Resources


Interim Manager Human Resources


Interim Manager Human Resources

Central Europe

Interim Manager Human Resources


Interim Manager Human Resources